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I am Armin, I have something to say.

I am a life practitioner, I can some people help.

Interesting? Please read 3 aspects, may inspire you.

  1. About me and my special journey
  2. About a writer, uplifting people
  3. About an active listener, together finding new Ideas and solutions
  1. About me and my special journey
This is me: Armin Oberlaender, born in 62, happy married

One day a young man said to me: „You are a Life hero“. This makes me speechless for while, because i never saw my life this way. How to became a Life hero? Please read carefully!

Because i am sure there is a Heroine, a Hero inside of you.

The main thing, let me go my way: 1983, i am aged  21, I lost my left eye, Because  retinal detachment without any known reason. Yes I was frustrated and I suffered, but i do not really want this.

I said to me “Now more than ever, this is real sport”. And… i male my dream come true.

As an introverted young man:
– grown up in a workers family
– with a several handicapped younger brother,
– from secondary school
– with only one not perfect eye

 i up skill myself to a Communications Engineer, Proud and happy working together with brilliant people all over the world.

2) I am a writer uplifting people

Straight from the heart and with a bit of humor i wrote my book, how to go from frustration, suffer etc. to a joyful life, easy little steps everyone can go.

It is such a great pleasure to sign books and see readers shining eyes some days later.

My book is currently available in German language. Please leave me a comment, if you want to see my book in English or any language.

3) I am an active listener, together finding new Ideas and solutions

I hear you. Since ever people found trust in me. People open their hearts to me and tell me everything because I am an interested and active  listener.

I get wonderful Feedbacks like this: “I like your voice”. ”It is good to talk with you” and “I get good ideas when I speak with you”.

Curious talking with me? It will be like a talk with a friend. My free gift for a little while.

Please be free to contact me via my :

— Contakt-Page —

This is all for today and let me say: Thank you for your precious time and for your attention. i am happy to read from you. I am happy to hear from you 😉

Stay blessed


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