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Hello dear reader (f m x), proud and happy I present my brand new Kindle eBook in the Englisch language! Three questions regarding this.

What was your childhood dream?
And what became of it?
Are there circumstances?

Me with eye clap a tablet in my hands showing my latest eBook.

I never became Astronaut because my circumstances. Instead this other dreams raised up and I am happy today with my dear family, see below too. My way was not easy because my conditions, and so I name my book:


Open-minded and open-hearted individuals reap the most benefits.

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Subtitle: For more confidence, success, and happiness in your life. Despite the circumstances, strokes of fate or disabilities.

Purpose of my non fiction book

I wrote it to share my life-proven knowledge and my optimistic spirit with all the admirable people who aspire to pursue their dreams despite challenging circumstances.

I wrote it with heart and mind, along with a touch of humor. Open-minded and open-hearted individuals reap the most benefits.

My circumstances:

I was born in 1962, into a German working-class family, alongside my severely disabled brother, Martin. Tragically, Martin never learned to speak and still needs assistance for eating, dressing, showering, etc. Growing up was challenging and often filled with sorrow for both my parents and me.

As a secondary school pupil diagnosed with dyslexia, I wore thick glasses and was frequently bothered by classmates. In 1983, at the age of 21, I lost my left eye due to a sudden retinal detachment. It was a moment that left me feeling small and sad. However, from that day forward, I made a conscious choice to walk On: As I am today.

Throughout my life, I navigated through job losses, separations, divorce, loneliness, and took on the responsibility of caring for my elderly parents, including the emotional task of clearing out their household.

What I archived

I am now happily married and a proud grandfather. My book unveils details about this incredible journey, complete with detours, including amusing experiences as a western husband in amazing Thailand.

I climbed the professional ladder to become a successful telecoms engineer. Collaborating with brilliant individuals worldwide. I, the secondary school boy, felt proud and joyful.

I invite you to explore heartwarming stories of the remarkable people I’ve met across different countries. Young and old ones during private or Business travels. To do my part for breaking down prejudices related to nationality, race, religion, gender and disabilities.

Despite struggling with dyslexia, I am now a writer in both German and English. A teenager dream came true.

After 54 years and a series of coincidences, I underwent a sophisticated eye surgery, eliminating the need for glasses. A brave decision for a one-eyed person. Do you agree?


Thank you for your precious time to read until here


„Despite this or that… I go ahead“

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